Karapiperis & Sons Woodworking Ltd, cyprus woodworking

Furniture Fittings

We use and install Blum furniture Fitting Systems. Blum’s fitting systems are "high quality" with their well-thought-out function, recognised design and high durability. Please click here to display Blum’s very latest storage concepts for improved kitchen and cabinetry storage.

Cabinetry and Door Handles

Huge selection of Cabinetry and Door Handles, in a variety of designs, colours and finishes (click picture to enlarge)


Wood Types

Above are some examples of the post popular wood types.
(click picture to enlarge)


Wood Stain Selection

We are able to supply you with custom wood stains, matching your woodwork to your existing decor. Above are some examples of semi-transparent wood stains.



Above is a selection of our wood veneers. We are able to apply these to any of our custom woodwork designs, allowing you to match your interiors – Kitchen, tables, beds, book shelves, cabinetry, etc.



We have a vast selection of High pressure laminates such as faux granite/marble, faux brushed stainless steel, metallic and hi-gloss. With laminates, you have the freedom to create almost any look and feel you are after.